Are Interior Design Companies Hired by Software Companies?

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This is a reasonable question when you consider the virtual environments that have been created by software game design companies. I see it in my own household where the kids play on-line games and create virtual living spaces, it is great to watch their creativity. However, I have not seen any intuitive advice being available so that they can take into consideration the basics of interior design:

  • Balance
  • Rhythm
  • Harmony
  • Emphasis
  • Proportion and Scale

It looks like there is an opportunity for the interior design industry to raise its profile by getting more directly involved with software game designers.

There is something clinical about the interior environments created in on-line games, a lack of genuine (“non-virtual”) warmth.

A review of the top ten interior design companies, according to Interior Design by design fees, did not reveal any involvement with software game design companies’ design work. The map below identifies where the headquarters of the top ten interior design companies are located.

map of interior design companies

Map of interior design companies

Gensler is by far and away the biggest interior design firm. The first UK firm to appear on the list comes in at number 15 – Areen Design Services. The graph below lists the top fifty interior design firms worldwide, the UK firms are highlighted in yellow.
Interior design revenue

Interior design revenue

If we now take a look at the top twenty five software game design companies and compare by revenue to the top twenty five interior design companies we end up with the graph shown below. The software game design companies are represented only by the revenue from the games that they have published. There is literally an order of magnitude difference in revenue. Interestingly, when studying the websites of the top ten interior design companies I found that some of the software game design companies were clients. However, it looks like they were clients only for actual interior design projects at real offices. However, the fact that they are clients means there is a business relationship. If this relationship has not been leveraged so that the interior design companies can become involved with the design of the virtual worlds being created then a commercial opportunity is being lost.

Revenue comparison

Revenue comparison

Interior design companies on the left and their revenue is shown as the red bar. Software game design companies are listed to the right of the green bars. Their revenue is represented by the green bars.

It may be that the interior design companies have not thought about this possibility or that they feel they lack the in-house skills to talk the same language as the software game design companies. However, from the revenue numbers shown above it is clear that the software game designers have the means to pay for the service.

Software game design companies sell their games worldwide and require localization and internationalization services from a translation company. Internationalization means adapting software to various markets worldwide without engineering changes. Localization means translating the game for the language being spoken by the end market. If an interior design company wants to make an approach to a software game design company it would be advisable to partner with a highly competent technical translation company such as Constructive Translations.