Why have we specialised?

We live in a world where clients rightfully expect specialist expert advice and support across all their business activities.  The age of the generalist is probably over.

The need for in depth understanding of complex international communication using multiple languages can only be accomplished by working with experts who have deep personal knowledge and understanding of the culture and business sector in which they work.

We specialise in construction and engineering because those are the sectors we know and understand.

How we work with you?

We earn your confidence by the rigorous application of best practise workflows that are focussed around your individual requirements.

Our workflows are based on BS 15038:2006. That stipulates that we provide native speaker translators with appropriate technical qualifications and language ability, as well as abundant experience in their fields.

To give you a better understanding, your translations are always performed into the native language of the translator and revised by a separate linguist with similar qualifications to the original translator. Your documents are then reviewed in the target language to make sure that specialist terminology is used accurately and correctly. At least three sets of eyes will view each of our translations.

How do we manage your contract?

As a customer-centric business, we follow a transparent and rigorous project management process.

Specifically, you will have your own dedicated project manager that looks after the entire job from original briefing to final delivery.  The project manager will always be your first point of contact. Ultimately, we seek to gain your confidence so you regard your Constructive Translations project.