Fit for purpose

Our level of expertise in the Construction and Engineering sectors extends to all departments including, legal, contracts, regulatory and other professional services.

This includes Supply Contracts, Engineering and Construction Contracts and Term Service Contracts.

We are familiar with the broad application of these contracts and are therefore able to translate the nuanced terms and clauses accurately.

For example, if a contract is supplied in two languages with a provision for “the source language to prevail”. We go through term by term and point out any differences which may be present between the two languages.

Clients need to know if there are any issues with the source text. This review highlights any issues and we give additional background on the linguistic and legal concerns.

We follow all the relevant stipulations of ISO 9001 and EN 15038 for delivering a high quality translation. We also employ our own additional quality control processes for the recruitment of translators as well as the translation itself.

Finally, as the industry constantly changes, our team regularly attend professional development programmes, so they are consistently up to date with the latest trends and terminology.