We offer three interpreting services:


This is real time interpreting with a short delay which is ideal for large international conferences or meetings with a large number of spoken languages.  Interpreters sit in a sound proof booth and deliver the translation to the listeners on headphones. We can provide the equipment if required.


Here the interpreter listens and translates sections of speech, either as a summary or “verbatim”. This is ideal for small meetings, discussion groups or more informal environments.


In this case our interpreters are included in the telecoms set-up and provide fast accurate consecutive interpreting during the telephone call. We can provide the required hardware or software.

All our interpreters are:

  • Native speakers in their target languages
  • Certified with years of experience
  • Knowledgeable about terminology and jargon
  • Able to work confidentially and sign non-disclosure agreements
  • Capable of supplying and installing their equipment.