Today, clients communicate more frequently using many different forms of media. This is particularly true for digital media such as applications, websites, videos, social media and other publications. Multimedia translation requires creativity and expert skills to accurately reflect the original message in the target language.

Key Multimedia Services


This can be for either “foreign” or “same” language translations (particularly for those who are hearing impaired). Depending on the speech rate and length of copy this can be either a verbatim translation or one that gives the substance, the style and tone. We review each script with you to determine the most appropriate approach.


We have many years experience in choosing the right style of professional voiceover artist and directing them to deliver the script in a culturally sympathetic and accurate manner. We discuss your project with you before we give a quote.


We are expert in adapting all print and other media for foreign marketing, ensuring they are culturally appropriate and achieve your goals. This may require advising on your choice of images or ways to communicate that may lead to layout or space allocations changes to websites, brochures or other materials.  This is a bespoke service and is subject to individual discussions with you.