Accuracy in everything

We recommend that all documents that are widely distributed should be proofread by industry experts. This service is split between revising and reviewing.

The difference is between reviewing and revising is that reviewing is done on a document which only exists in one language, whereas revising is usually done when the document exists in two languages.


This service establishes if there are discrepancies between documents that are in more than one language.

We go through your document point by point to identify any differences in the content between the languages.

When we review your document we ensure that:

  • Product or service descriptions match in different languages
  • Foreign language contracts and other agreements are correctly understood and implemented
  • Translations produced by other agencies are fit for purpose
  • Partners fully understand the nature of any agreements and cannot use “poor translation” as justification for failure to deliver


We review and polish your document so you can be confident in its quality. The service gives you peace of mind.

Document reviewing ensures that you can:

  • Rest assured knowing that the documents contain no common spelling, grammar or other errors
  • Be sure that the documents use the appropriate style and register
  • Convey a professional image to your target market
  • Focus on the content rather than the style of the document