UKTI Export Week


UK Trade & Investment held its 6th Export Week during the week of 10-14 November 2014. David Smith (Director of Constructive Translations) was able to attend some of the events.

UKTI is a government body which aims to help attract trade to the UK. One of the ways they do this is to offer all kinds of courses, training and support for companies who are looking to export. One of the highlights of the calendar is Export Week.

According to the UKTI website “Across the week there will be a varied series of events all over the UK, aimed at helping businesses to either start their export journey or increase their international business.”


UKTI Export Week

“I was able to attend a full day of events themed around the topic of Digital Tools for Global Growth. The full day included the following seminars – “Social Media Business Planning”, “Website Optimisation for International Trade”, “Introduction to top Social Media Sites for Business”, and “International Social Media”.

Firstly, I really want to recommend the courses to anyone involved in the client facing side of any business. I would say I gained something valuable from each of the courses. In particular the two lectures focused on social media helped open my eyes to some of the new ways of doing business using the new tools available to us.

What I’m increasingly learning is that social media is a function that has to be part of your daily workflow and can’t be something you do once a week or outsource. Good social media only works if you join coversations and contribute. As the expert said “talk is cheap, conversation is expensive”. That’s very true for me too. I currently try to Tweet at least once per day. I’ll also review my own messages and check interesting discussions at least three or four times per day.

I sometimes think that social media really needs 24-hour monitoring, but I just don’t have the time to do. It seems it would be even worse to allocate someone else the task of talking with my voice on social media. There’s nothing more annoying than getting those bland messages which are clearly written by interns or following a boring script. Social media is still a very difficult area for a lot of businesses. However, I also think if we can get on top of it we have a huge advantage and can grow much more quickly.

The other two talks were much closer to my own field, talking about mulitingual communication. I knew everything we were told, but I did find it interesting to listen to the types of questions the other panelists were asking. Sometimes it’s really difficult to get into the client’s mindset and understand what their issues or worries are.

Overall, a great week, looking forward to the next one!

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